Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) & Intelligence Analysis Training

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training and Intelligence Analysis Training are fundamental components of all contemporary intelligence and investigation operations. The ability to rapidly collect, analyse and fuse OSINT with proprietary or restricted information and data significantly enriches investigation and research capabilities beyond traditional limitations.

OSINT Tradecraft skills are essential for an organisation to rapidly achieve efficient, insightful and exploitable results from the vast amount of disparate and rapidly changing information available in the open domain. IMSL are an OfQual approved provider of Intelligence and OSINT Tradecraft Training Services.

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OSINT Consultancy – Technology and Software

Software tools for collection, filtering, analysis and visualisation of OSINT are an important factor in achieving information efficiency and IMSL’s OSINT consultancy expertise can bring real insights and clarity across complex data. Additionally, IMSL can participate in developing a customer’s capability requirement for such tools and to develop the training and operational and organisational outcomes required.

OSINT Research & Investigation Services

IMSL provide expert online investigations and research through its group company Digital Valour Limited.

Digital Valour have expert capability to conduct online surveillance and monitoring to protect and enforce your intellectual property rights and trademarks. We help mitigate the risks presented by piracy, counterfeiting, theft and fraud and have access to both criminal forums and criminal marketplaces. Our work is conducted to UK evidential standards, with a view to providing a conduit to Law Enforcement in the UK and internationally.

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Open Source Intelligence FAQs

OSINT provides businesses and organisations with valuable intelligence that can inform decision-making processes. It helps in identifying market trends, monitoring competitors, managing reputational risks, and detecting potential security threats. OSINT enables organizations to stay informed, make informed strategic choices, and maintain a competitive edge in the market.

OSINT training equips individuals with the skills and knowledge to effectively gather, analyse, and utilise open source information. The key benefits of OSINT training include enhanced research capabilities, improved understanding of online investigations, proficiency in utilising OSINT tools and techniques, and the ability to identify reliable sources and detect disinformation.

OSINT training is particularly beneficial for professionals in the UK, as it equips them with the necessary skills to navigate the unique landscape of British open source information. It enables law enforcement agencies, intelligence professionals, corporate investigators, and cybersecurity experts to effectively gather intelligence, protect critical assets, and mitigate risks within the UK context.

In the UK, there are several reputable training providers offering OSINT courses and programs such as ourselves. These providers offer comprehensive OSINT training that covers a range of topics, tools, and techniques to equip professionals with the necessary skills for successful intelligence gathering and analysis.

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Does Rumour Equal Intelligence? (RumINT)

The word “rumour” is derived from the Latin rumorem or ‘noise’ and is information often passed on from person to person related to an object, event, or issue of public concern.  In today’s age of rampant social media and instant communication, this fuels the speed of coverage and the power of rumours. In the social… Read More from Does Rumour Equal Intelligence? (RumINT)

Perfumed Analysis – Teamwork in the Intelligence World

One of the myths about Intelligence analysis is that it is best done by lone geeks who labour away in darkened rooms. The truth, much more excitingly, is that huge leaps in analytical understanding often take places at a collision between two different sorts of expertise. Last week I came across an excellent example when… Read More from Perfumed Analysis – Teamwork in the Intelligence World

The Bank of England and the Analysis Process

How history repeats itself – republished from the IMSL library of 2 November 2012: Earlier today the Bank of England published three reviews into its recent performance. They contain some interesting insight into how and why analysis sometimes goes awry. Here are some highlights, along with commentary. It’s a riveting read. Honest it is. “Policy… Read More from The Bank of England and the Analysis Process