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CPD Creation and Management of Online Profiles


This course will take you through the creation and management of online profiles, identifying tools and resources to enhance account creation and ways to ensure longevity of the accounts. It will look into different ways to manage the deployment of those resources and the different depths of profile creation required for different types of work.


You will leave the course with a solid foundation of practical resources suitable for utilising in an operational environment and understanding how to deploy them in different scenarios.

Intended Audience

The course is designed to take someone with no prior knowledge of this subject area to a position where they can confidently create and utilise false personas online.


No previous experience is required.


The course will be taught in English. All students will need to prove an ability to speak good English.


This is a 4 hour classroom based course . It is suitable for linking with other CPD courses to create a full days training.

For more information, or to book this course, please email training@intelmsl.com or use our online enquiry form.

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