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CPD Machine Set Up and Online Security


This course takes you (step-by-step) through creating a platform on Chrome and Firefox browsers that enables efficient and effective internet research to be conducted. It will highlight and provide guidance on deploying both add-ons and extensions that will enhance and compliment any online research. It will explain and provide access to free tools whilst signposting additional paid for services. It wil identify thousands of free resources and how to access and manage those relevant to your specific requirements.


You will finish this course with a machine set up and prepared for any type on online internet research. You will have an understanding of how to conduct research in a safe way without risking your own personal security.

Intended Audience

The course is suitable for anyone that is embarking on a role linked to online research. The course is not technical and is designed to be undertsood by anyone with a basic understanding of computers.


No previous experience is required.


The course will be taught in English. All students will need to prove an ability to speak good English.


This is a 4 hour classroom based course . It is suitable for linking with other CPD courses to create a full days training.

For more information, or to book this course, please email training@intelmsl.com or use our online enquiry form.

Open Source Intelligence Insights

What is Open Source Intelligence?

What Is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)? – How is it applied?

Open-source intelligence (OSINT) can reveal invaluable insights about people, organisations, locations, events and more by leveraging publicly available online information. But the most skilled intelligence analysts understand OSINT’s limitations in isolation. By integrating digital tracking with on-the-ground human intelligence (HUMINT), specialists develop a holistic 360 view of complex situations and targets. TABLE OF CONTENTS In… Read More from What Is Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)? – How is it applied?

The Positive and Negative Potential of the Dark Web

​​Sharks and Mermaids in the Deep: The Positive and Negative Potential of the Dark Web

The dark web, a term that evokes images of shadowy corners of the internet, is a place of contradictions. It is a world within a world, an underbelly of the internet that is both feared and celebrated, depending on whom you ask. Often portrayed as a haven for criminal activity, akin to sharks lurking in… Read More from ​​Sharks and Mermaids in the Deep: The Positive and Negative Potential of the Dark Web

Tracing the Untraceable – Our work with GRC

IMSL are proud to support the work of GRC (Global Rights Compliance) and FYF (Free Yezidi Foundation) and to see our work recognised in this article. In support of GRC, we continue to work on a number of international projects bringing our collective expertise to support those persecuted by oppressive regimes…. Read More from Tracing the Untraceable – Our work with GRC