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ProQual Level 3 Award in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)


This Ofqual approved, accredited course follows on from the ProQual Level 1 Award in Open Source
Intelligence and includes all of the modules covered in the Level 1 course and more. This will
enhance the bredth and depth of OSINT skills focusing on different social media sites and more niche
platforms such as ToR (The Onion Router) as part of the dark web module. This module will
demystify this often misunderstood platform and provide the tools and resources to conduct safe
and effective research using it. The course also has focused modules exploring popular social media
platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Telegram as well as emerging platforms such as
Parler and Gab.


This qualification and OSINT skillset is now an essential part of all areas in the economy – from
commercial companies through to local and national government departments – and as individuals
as we navigate our way through an increasingly digital world. The skills learnt on this course, through
examples, can broaden research in gaining valuable knowledge for yourself or your organisation. It is
also pertinent for any organisation worried about the online security of its staff and clients.

Intended Audience

The qualification is suitable for anyone whose work involves research conducted on the internet
including recruitment, due diligence, threat monitoring, intelligence analysis, warning and reporting,
investigation, KYC or as part of a company security team. The additional focus on popular social
media platforms will enhance your online skills in researching individuals either as part of an
investigation or to identify vulnerabilities. Anyone involved in protecting people or company assets
will benefit from the skills obtained during this course.


No previous experience is required.


The course will be taught in English. All students will need to prove an ability to speak good English.

Delivery Style

Online students will be provided with a secure link to our internationally respected training delivery
portal “Moodle” with video teaching, examples and case studies with online support and feedback
to succeed. The classroom based course will be 50% instructor led theory, 40% practical session and 10% classroom discussion. These lessons will be supplemented with printable user guides and
additional resources. A personal tutor is on hand to provide support throughout the process


Online students can pace their studies for themselves and work at whatever time suits them –
typically, achieving course completion in the range of 2 weeks to 3 months from enrolment.
Classroom based courses are 5 days with extra time required to complete assignments.


Students will be assessed throughout the course. Both classroom and online students will complete
their assignments online. The tutor will support them through this process.


1. Course Introduction

We explain that this course will have covered all of the modules in the ProQual Level 1 Award in Open Source Intelligence course and will subsequently build on those core skills with additional modules on social media platforms and the dark web.

2. False Profiles

We explore how false profiles can be an important technique in gathering intelligence and how to create and maintain false online profiles and subsequent management of those profiles.

3. Social Media Primer and Twitter

We provide an overview of the evolution of Social Media with a focus on Twitter and how third party Twitter tools can be used.

4. User Communities and Forums

We introduce a selection of niche and emerging sites such as 4Chan, 8Kun Gab, Parler and Reddit and show how these can be used.

5. Facebook

We explain the way Facebook works and explore opportunites to gather further information that is available using a range of tools and techniques.

6. Instagram

We look at Instagram and some third party resources that can assist with researching the platform and explore the cross overs and links between Facebook and Instagram.

7. Whistleblowing Sites and Leaked Data

We introduce an awareness of whistleblowing sites as well as leaked databases and how they can be examined.

8. Content Capture

We explain how to create an audit of your research and what existing resources can assist with this.

9. Web Scraping and API’s

We show how to scrap websites and how to utilise API’s (Application Programming Interface) effectively.

10. Automating Intelligence Collection and Data Analysis

We introduce how to automate elements of research and then conduct analysis on the results in an effective manner.

11. Dark Web

We demystify the dark web, explain the different types of dark web that exist. We provide the tools to download ToR and additional, further resources required to conduct research in that environment in a safe and secure manner.


For classroom courses, we can assist with local accommodation bookings in the Bath area. Tea,
coffee and soft drinks are provided throughout the course as well as a buffet lunch. (Special dietary
requirements must be noted at the time of booking)

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