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CPD Understanding Dark Web(s)


This course will demystify the dark web and explain the different types of dark webs that exist. It will focus on ToR, The Onion Router, and show you how to download and utilise the platform. We will then provide you with several resources which will allow you to identify sites and conduct research. We will register on known marketplaces and explore investigative opportunities that exist. We will also explore the moral, legal and ethical considerations of the dark web.


You will leave the course with an understanding of how darkwebs work and how you can safely access and undertake research on them. You will explore marketplaces and forums.

Intended Audience

The course is designed to take someone with no prior knowledge of this subject area to a position where they can confidently access them and conduct online research.


No previous experience is required.


The course will be taught in English. All students will need to prove an ability to speak good English.


This is a 4 hour classroom based course. It is suitable for linking with other CPD courses to create a full days training.

For more information, or to book this course, please email training@intelmsl.com or use our online enquiry form.

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