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Intelligence Analysis Training

IMSL are your go-to Intelligence Analysis training provider.

We have a depth of accumulated experience in intelligence process management which your organisation can benefit from through better exploitation of data in support of critical decision making.

Our training is based on well-established principles developed through military intelligence and the police National Intelligence Model. These techniques are applicable to commercial organisations and a broad spectrum of government agencies and public sector bodies.

We are able to tailor specific data sets or provide industry specific relevant case study examples on request to further enhance your learning outcomes.

Our Intelligence Analysis training courses will provide you with:

Intelligence Analysis Training Course
  • The theory and principles of intelligence
  • An understanding of collection methods
  • The skills to analyse and techniques for disseminating data
  • An ability to think critically
  • An understanding of influences that distort rational thinking

With our ProQual Level 3 Award in Intelligence Analysis course, IMSL will enable you to challenge ideas with supportable data and provide value though practising a questioning and dynamic approach to problem solving in a commercial way.

You will achieve a recognised, accredited qualification in Intelligence Analysis.

IMSL Intelligence Analysis training is designed by expert practitioners to help you enhance your skills and add value to your organisation. With Ofqual approved UK accredited (Level 1 and Level 3) courses in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Intelligence Analysis we cover the fundamental methods and techniques necessary to enhance your understanding and role performance. With structured learning, modular exercises and feedback from our experts, through a choice of classroom or online delivery methods, IMSL Training delivers real value to its students through the learning outcomes achieved. We are an approved ELCAS training provider, proudly promoting lifelong learning for members of the UK Armed Forces.

Intelligence Analysis Training Delivery Methods



Whether on site at our specialist training suite at Box House or at your choice of location, we believe personal interaction and engagement brings a different level of value to our courses.


Virtual Classroom

Instructor-led, real-time Intelligence Analysis training when on-screen learning makes better use of your time.


On-Demand, Online Platform

Log in anywhere in the world and take our Intelligence Analysis training at your own pace in the knowledge that you are fully supported with examples and exercise feedback throughout.


Capacity Building

Development of international courses to meet specific needs with delivery in-country.

Intelligence Analysis Training FAQs

Intelligence analysis training involves the development of skills and knowledge necessary for assessing information, identifying patterns, and drawing conclusions to support decision-making. It is important for individuals working in security, law enforcement, military, and other fields where understanding and interpreting complex information is crucial.

Intelligence analysis training programs usually cover a range of skills, including critical thinking, data analysis, research methodology, communication, and the ability to evaluate and synthesise information from various sources. Training may also focus on specific technical skills such as data mining and the use of analytical tools.

Intelligence analysis training is beneficial for professionals in various fields, including law enforcement, military, government agencies, private security, and corporate risk management. It is also valuable for individuals seeking to enter these fields or enhance their analytical capabilities in other industries.

The duration of intelligence analysis training can vary depending on the program and the level of expertise targeted. Training formats include in-person classes, online courses, workshops, and practical exercises.

Intelligence analysis is a dynamic field, and our training programs incorporate the latest trends and technologies. This includes the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, geospatial analysis, open-source intelligence (OSINT), and cybersecurity training to address evolving threats in the modern landscape.

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