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OSINT Courses Delivered by Expert UK Practitioners

IMSL OSINT Training is designed by expert practitioners to help you enhance your skills and add value to your organisation. With Ofqual approved UK accredited (Level 1 and Level 3) courses in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Intelligence Analysis we cover the fundamental methods and techniques necessary to enhance your understanding and role performance. With structured learning, modular exercises and feedback from our OSINT experts, through a choice of classroom or online delivery methods, IMSL Training delivers real value to its students through the learning outcomes achieved. We are an approved ELCAS training provider, proudly promoting lifelong learning for members of the UK Armed Forces.

OSINT Training Courses Tailored To You

IMSL Training courses are designed to help you learn the necessary techniques and methods to improve and enhance any pre-existing knowledge or to learn completely new skills. We bring experience and insight to life with case-study examples and modular exercises designed to provide you with the confidence to transfer these skills into your organisation.

OSINT Training Testimonials

We value IMSL highly as a supplier and I continue to receive excellent feedback from all my staff who attend your courses. I also note the improvement in the skills demonstrated in their work and would add in many cases the new ideas that they generate after their sessions with you. Many thanks for the excellent service the IMSL team provides. NF – Government Dept

NF, Government Dept.

“The course was in my opinion fantastic value for money and was pitched at the appropriate level for all those in attendance. I honestly can’t recommend this course and IMSL The Intelligence People enough, if you are interested in this area of intelligence they will introduce you to a new world or enhance any knowledge and skills you already have”

RB, Law Enforcement Dept.

I found the OSINT course provided by IMSL to be extremely helpful in providing essential tools and techniques that I could apply in my day-to-day role. The course covers an extensive range of different OSINT methods and skills that I have introduced into my team. I would have no hesitation in recommending anyone within the OSINT community to enrol onto courses offered by IMSL.

IM, Government Dept.

Your Choice of Course Delivery Method



Whether on site at our specialist training suite or at your choice of location, we believe personal interaction and engagement brings a different level of value to our courses.


Virtual Classroom

Instructor-led, real-time training when on-screen learning makes better use of your time.


On-Demand, Online Platform

Log in anywhere in the world and take training at your own pace in the knowledge that you are fully supported with examples and exercise feedback throughout.


Capacity Building

Development of international courses to meet specific needs with delivery in-country.

IMSL Accredited Courses

Add real value through a recognised qualification. These OSINT and Intelligence Analysis courses are accredited in the UK by the Ofqual approved awarding body ProQual:

IMSL are recognised experts in the management and exploitation of open source data and tools. With the continued growth in the use of social media platforms and internet dependency, there is a vast amount of information openly available that can help to identify people and both their physical and online patterns of life.

With our ProQual Level 1 Award in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course, IMSL will help you understand the data landscape and how best to navigate this in an ever-changing world. You will be guided through search techniques and on-line security, learn about tools and techniques and how to verify data sources.

You will achieve a recognised, accredited qualification in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT).

OSINT Themes covered:

  • Open-Source Environment
  • Search Techniques
  • On-line Security
  • Legal & Welfare Issues
  • OSINT Tools & Resources
  • Source Verification
  • Browsers and Search Engines
  • Localised Searching
  • Video and image searching
  • Investigating People
  • Investigating Organisations

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Woman hands using smartphone and show icon social media.Network technology concept.blur office background.

IMSL will build on the skills learnt in our ProQual Level 1 Award in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course and enrich and enhance this with Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) and a broader understanding of the power of investigation and search techniques.

The expansion and exploitation of Social Media platforms is undeniable with its sphere of influence now a factor in everyday life from individual communications, organisational campaigns, or national level threats. “Fake news” has become a feature of media reporting internationally. IMSL practitioners can orientate you through this landscape and add value to real life scenarios.

With our ProQual Level 3 Award in Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) course, IMSL will help you understand the data landscape and how best to navigate this in an ever-changing world.

You will achieve a recognised, accredited qualification in Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT).

Additional themes covered:

  • Introduction to social media
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • User communities
  • Forums
  • Profile creation
  • Whistleblowing sites
  • Content capture
  • Webscraping and APIs
  • Automating intelligence collection and data analysis
  • Dark web

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IMSL CPD Certificated 1-Day Courses

CPD Member

CPD An Introduction to OSINT

What is OSINT and where do I begin? Explaining the principles and how to implement them including workflows and case management.

(Minimum 5 Persons)

CPD Machine Set Up and Online Security

How to set up a machine for research including the addition of add-ons and extensions. How to deploy safely.

(Minimum 5 Persons)

CPD Creation and Management of Online Profiles

This module will take you through all the steps needed to create a suite of profiles suitable for safe deployment.

(Minimum 5 Persons)

CPD Conducting an Investigation

During this module you will be provided with tools and resources to conduct safe and efficient research. We will also look at the intelligence cycle and how to audit your research.

(Minimum 5 Persons)

CPD Understanding Dark Web(s)

This module will demystify the dark webs and provide resources to conduct safe research. The focus will be on The Onion Router (ToR) but also touch on Zeronet, IPFS, i2p and Freenet.

(Minimum 5 Persons)

Bespoke Modular Training Courses

IMSL offer a bespoke modular approach to training and are able to provide a targeted mix of skills in a tailored course. This enables you to select those modules which best suit your organisational requirements, safe in the knowledge that they will be delivered by our experts. These can be delivered on customer premises or at another suitable location including our “in house” training facility situated at Box House, Bath. The course length would be dictated by the number of modules selected and the depth of understanding required. Popular modules include:

  • Exploitation of the Dark Web
  • Cryptocurrency Investigations
  • User Communities and Image Board Research including Reddit, Gab, Parler, 4chan and 8Kun
  • Exploiting Patents
  • Android Emulation
  • IP and Domain Vulnerability
  • Understanding RIPA and GDPR
  • Telegram, Telegraph, TikTok and Whatsapp
  • Understanding Bitcoin
  • Online Reconnaissance (Offensive and Defensive)
  • Email and Telephone Number Research
  • Effective research of Facebook and Instagram
  • Twitter and third-party tools
  • An understanding of VK
  • Leaked Data
  • Evidential purchases surface and Dark Web
  • Developing critical thinking and analytical skills
  • Power BI in intelligence analysis


We strive to offer the best OSINT courses available

We strive to offer some of the best OSINT courses available, delivered by expert practitioners with real world experience in OSINT.

Our own OSINT and Intelligence Analysis courses are accredited in the UK by the Ofqual approved awarding body ProQual, and we also offer CPD certificated 1-day OSINT courses too.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Training and Intelligence Analysis Training are fundamental components of all contemporary intelligence and investigation operations.

Explore our courses or contact us if you have any questions.